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How to repent successfully.

To repent is to review one's situation by making a self-check and ultimately making the corrections and repairs which are necessary to salvage a spiritually damaged entity. Repentance is a practical transition from wrong-centeredness to right-centeredness. To kick-start the process of repentance, one has to go through the four phases of repentance.

The first phase is to STOP committing any sin all together. Anybody who takes a closer look at sin in any of its forms really quickly realizes that all sin rapidly leads to internal or external chaos with excruciating and destructive consequences.

The second phase comprises of ANALYSIS of your own personal sins as you acknowledge your hundred percent guilt without blaming other people. This may seem irrelevant to some people but it is essential to The Holy Spirit as He convicts you of your own personal sinful ways and leaves you with no doubt whatsoever that you never wish to partake in your sinful past. It is this conscious reckoning which is as painful as a birthing that makes all things new. This birthing process means you are being born again. Here your old nature is dilapidated like the body of Jesus crushed mercilessly on the cross. John 3:6. ; 2 Corinthians 5:17.

The third phase is resonant of the spirit nature - FREEDOM. This new birth means you are born again into Freedom. You are definitely not born into the bondage of sin. The spirit is free, timeless and practically eternal. John 3:8; John 8:36; John 8:32.

There is obviously a big difference between "freedom" and "feardom".

The fourth and final phase of repentance is when you become the COMPASS for others. Having sorted yourself and putting your spiritual condition in order, you can now become a practical example for others to emulate. Repentance has no place for hypocrisy. With the freedom of spirit, you can help guide others in discipleship as you fellowship with The Holy Spirit to lead others to follow the narrow but sacred path of Jesus Christ. .

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