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Big Plan Vs Big Bang

Physicality is about things that have direct physical effect and direct physical control. Physicality is about the control, arrangement, manipulation, coordination and application of measurable reactions and activities within or around living and non-living things. Physicality has visible and invisible aspects.

The imagination and perception of an artist can be incredible but the scientific mind usually tries to fathom the order in which the artist's talent has been splashed over the canvass without explaining the source of the artist's inspiration. This is something one can expect to get from the artist's confession. The story is never complete with the scientific explanation of the physicality around us but the evidence so far suggests that coincidence and planning still require some sort of precondition in order to achieve a detailed pattern.

To complete the story you will have to explain the preconditions for a supposed coincidence or the inspiration behind the suggested planning. The magical story of 'big bang' has to completely exclude spirituality as well as deny the preconditions for single or multiple coincidental 'banging' and still explain the orchestrated macroscopic and microscopic details of functional design we observe in our environment. On the other hand, the fascinating story of 'big plan' or creation seems to allow for the complex coexistence of spirituality and physicality by celebrating their interdependence and mutuality.

It will be extraordinary to create the full sequence of the drummer's role in a philharmonic orchestra by accidentally dropping the drumstick on the drums. In the real world of arts and science, you can never create a constructively progressive pattern from an incidental event. The possibility is that you create a non-progressive pattern from an incidental occurrence.

It is not scientific but indeed utter fraud to suggest that a blast or even multiple incidental blasts can create life(a highly organized progressive pattern with complex feedback mechanisms at macro and microscopic levels) with all its complex precise settings as ecosystems. Imagine all the individual members of the national teams for soccer hitchhiking to the world cup finals venue from their various homes and arriving in time to complete their respective teams without disruption to fixtures or competition schedule; that is the magic of 'big bang'.

The inference is that a car crash can result in the creation of diverse biological computer models. It is not easy to prepare a meal even when all the ingredients are available, talkless of 'blasting' the recipe into a perfect meal. It is worth noting that after so many wars and blasts the scientifically evident result is usually that of death instead of life. Even the medical effort to repair life seems to require a meticulous planning. Life is a pre-planned prophecy by God Almighty.


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